Biesse America庆祝总部和展厅的扩张

北卡罗来纳州夏洛特 -木材制造技术供应商Biesse在其新的23,000平方英尺的盛大开幕式上,已在其新陈列室剪彩。陈列室在北卡罗来纳州的夏洛特。预计将有300多人参加4月7日至8日的活动。
The addition is now complete 和 devoted to a new state of the art showroom fully equipped with machinery designed to host custom demonstrations, in-house events like 'Inside Biesse'和教育活动。 Biesse has increased its spare parts warehouse, valued at an estimated $10 million, to maintain 和 improve its guarantee to deliver 96 percent of parts on the same day, 和 also investing in training projects across all technical areas.
比埃斯说,它将陈列室专门给了詹卡洛·塞尔奇(Giancarlo Selci)的已故妻子安娜·塞尔奇(Anna Selci),他在五十年前决定共同成为企业家。他们从一个车库开始,将比雅斯集团建成如今的公司。

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